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The face is the mirror of the soul. That's why our intensive care treatments for the face, throat and neckline primarily target your wellbeing. At the beginning of every treatment, we'll analyse your skin type so as to make sure your face receives exactly the treatment it needs.

Our salon specialises in the following facial treatments:

  • The perfect introduction to ELIMIS. A relaxing cleanse and tone with the revitalising effects of a natural peel and cream mask.
  • 30 minute facial
  • This Elimis Facial starts with a relaxing back massage. At the heart of this treatment is a true professional beauty classic, a 100% multi-active mask with which provides a dual action moisturising and decongesting that transforms your complexion.
  • 60 Minute Facial
  • This Elimis facial starts tha a relaxing back massage. A luxurious anti-ageing treatment which is the ultimate Holistic answer to face-lifting, using a combination of essential oils to combat the signs of ageing, leaving your skin looking more youthful and radient.
  • Totally Teen
  • This facial includes, cleanse, tone, massage and mask. This facial is ideal for all types of skin types including congested and problem skin. 

        Express Facial 30 mins         £38

        Luxury Facial. 60 mins £55

        Back Massage and Facial 1 hour 30 mins £75

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